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From Angela…

My Vision and Mission

Hey everyone!

There’s no way to count how many mission and vision statements I’ve scribbled in notes and journals through the years, but now seems like a really good time to nail down my vision for the next season of my life.

They say a vision statement describes WHAT you want to accomplish and a mission statement describes HOW. It’s supposed to be memorable. Not too wordy. Saying enough but not everything. 

You should know, I ran these statements past no one. No group chat or whiteboard session or market research. I’m not trying to be headstrong, because I both desire and crave the wisdom of advisors, but it feels like vision and mission is supposed to come from a deep place, you know, that quiet, God-place in the soul. So the words are just mine without any fancy . . . and they are just about the same mission words I’ve always heard from God . . . whether teaching on Sunday nights at UMYF or last weekend outside Orlando . . . with all my heart, I just want to help you know Jesus.

Two things about the wording. One, I probably should have written, “to help ‘people’ know Jesus,” because that’s exactly what I mean. But when I typed the word “you,” I was immediately rocked by my own tears and emotion. Saying “you” makes it personal for me, so I’m keeping it personal.

Second, I almost wrote, “to help you know Jesus more,” but decided more is kinda the point with these things. We are stating what will be ongoing work. More is implied.There is always more with Jesus. More to know. More to become. More to love. More to give.

So I’m working on what’s next for me with the Lord and I’m starting with vision and mission statements. There’s nothing earth-shattering here and I think that’s exactly the thing that makes dreaming the next season so exciting. The foundation underneath me is solid and secure. 

I’m grateful to love you and serve you,